Milhous Children’s Services provides a continuum of care for children and families by promoting healthy, permanent, and meaningful relationships.

A New Experience of Old Values…

With a fresh perspective, students begin to drop destructive patterns and poor habits in new environments. They are receptive to learning adaptive skills that enable them to re-enter their family home and local school and community. The structured Milhous setting removes students from their "emotional comfort zone", including their familiar negative interactions with family members, peers and teachers.

The therapeutic environment provided at our campuses, helps our students to recognize the consequences of their behavioral choices. As a result, students move toward accepting responsibility for personal decisions. They are more easily able to address individual and family issues, and become invested in their own character development. Through hard work, self-examination, and community building, our kids are encouraged to develop a new, realistic sense of their talents and capabilities; to value the talents of others, and to make meaningful contributions to others around them and the community as a whole.

The Milhous programs stress teaching CORE VALUES for developing relationships with others; being respectful; contributing to the community at large; and improving lives:

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▪ Accepting responsibility for one's own actions

Milhous promotes understanding and awareness that one will gain respect through honesty and taking responsibility for one's own actions. Being responsible improves every aspect of life. Family, friends, acquaintances, teachers and society favor responsible individuals. When one feels personally responsible, they show up on time, and put in their best effort and completes projects to the best of their ability.

▪ Showing respect for ourselves and others

To get respect, one must give respect... Each student is given their own set of goals and a path to realize a successful outcome at Milhous, with one of the first objectives to be one of RESPECT.

▪ Building healthy relationships with family and friends

Milhous recognizes that the adaptive skills and therapies we provide are only effective if the student 'takes them home'. We focus on helping the students to think about the other people in their lives and work with each child to improve daily interactions beyond the bounds of Milhous. Giving the students the tools they need to move forward within their own lives helps to ensure a better structure at home. To help our kids even more, we work with their families, whenever possible; providing feedback, additional therapy, enrichment and cultural response to help continue positive growth and success in life.

▪ Development of a strong work ethic

At Milhous, we understand and employ the ideal that individuals with a strong work ethic care about the quality of their work. They work toward doing great things and being successful at what they do. It takes a certain level of commitment to finish one's tasks every day. Students with good discipline stay focused on their goals and assignments. Students with a sense of teamwork are much more likely to respect their peers and help where they can. We strive to instill this value into every Milhous student.

▪ Contributing to the community

Milhous works with each child to identify the best things they have to offer society; helping them identify and improve upon natural abilities, skills and strengths, with the hope that they can make a valued and positive contribution within their own community. It takes commitment and hard work to implement positive change… getting our students to be passionate about their own communities will help them to develop their self-worth and value to all.